Sunday, January 23, 2011

Android G2 and iTunes music sync

Getting music from iTunes on a Mac onto an Android G2 smart phone was an easy task. Maybe it wasn't so easy with the first generation Android phones, but the G2 I purchased a couple of weeks ago came with everything I needed.

Connecting the phone to the Mac

My main Mac is a two year old MacBook. The G2 came with a USB sync cable and as soon as I attached it, it opened iPhoto to upload pictures just like a camera. But the G2 also displayed a screen to enable it as a USB disk drive. I enabled disk mode, then took a look at the mounted volume in Finder.

One of the icons on the Volume was DoubleTwist. When I double clicked it, it started downloading the latest Mac version of DoubleTwist. After installation, the DoubleTwist interface looked very much like iTunes. It allows you to automatically sync all music from iTunes or just selections.

Since I don't plan to listen to music often on the G2, I chose to only sync playlists. This only syncs the music required in each playlist. There are a lot of options in DoubleTwist and the integration was seamless.